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Aims of the Network

The aim of the ENCA network is to strengthen nature conservation in Europe through enhanced cooperation between its members.  This includes the exchange of experience and of political and scientific views to influence policy making. 


This will be achieved by:


  • identifing strategic views on relevant issues,
  • influencing policy development,
  • sharing best practice, experience and information
  • strengthening the scientific evidence base to enable better decision making.


In particular, the ENCA-Network will:


  • provide a forum for leadership on critical issues of nature conservation policy and implementation across the policy cycle
  • provide a forum for high level dialogue and exchange of information on matters of mutual concern
  • promote and support bilateral / multilateral cooperation between its members through sharing experiences, approaches, problems and solutions
  • provide support to the network’s members through exchange of information, organisation of mutual support and the organisation of topical cooperation
  • serve as a place for discussion with regard to policy implementation proposals and/or developments
  • devise and deliver practical solutions to common problems
  • provide a mechanism for communicating the views of the Nature Conservation  Agencies or similar bodies to third parties and a wider public
  • work together with the EPA-Network (Network of Heads of European Environment Protection Agencies) or other networks as appropriate