Ecosystem Services

Date of next meeting:  March/April venue to be decided.
If you are interested in the work of this Interest Group please contact the IG Chair Jan Plesnik ( or ENCA Secretariat (
The Interest Group Ecosystem Services (IG ESS) was created at the 9th ENCA meeting at Haarlem, the Netherlands in October 2011.
The first informal meeting was held in August, 2012, in Zurich, Switzerland and included participants from .  Outcomes included the identification of three areas for future work:
  • Communication:  To improve our communication of ES through clear & simple messages to non-technical audiences through working examples;
  • Methods:  clarifying what methods need to be considered for the successful use of ecosystem services (ES) as a concept and identify important issues related by ENCAs/EPAs across Europe, eg through think papers; and 
  • Cooperation:  How to make best use of existing items: Collecting & sharing knowledge, information, experience, methods and contacts, project ideas, etc. that are used in understanding ecosystem services.
    • Bring together experts for informal exchange and initiate work cooperation;
    • Collect examples and experiences of the application of concept of ES where nature contributes to human well-being;
    • Best practice: make use of existing case studies, reports and examples;
    • Communicating (tools and ideas);
    • Resolve methodological problems;
    • A way towards Ecosystem Approach/Ecosystem-based Management;
    • Knowledge and technical exchange with 3rd parties and further stakeholders; and 
    • Drafting an overarching framework for ESS approach, together with other approaches in nature conservation, and to create awareness on the level of advantages and limits of the use of this concept.
    Participants at the first meeting included those from the ENCA and EPA Networks.
    • Austrian UBA,
    • Czech ANCLP,
    • European Environmental Agency EEA,
    • Germany BfN,
    • Lithuanian Centre for Environnemental Solutions,
    • Lithuanian M. Romeris University,
    • Slovak Environmental Agency,
    • Slovenian IRSNC,
    • Swiss FOEN,
    • Dutch Staatsbosbeheer,
    • UK JNCC,
    • UK Natural England,
    • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)