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This page details past ENCA plenaries and their focus. ENCA programmes, plenary papers and presentations can be downloaded from the ENCA Library by searching the Plenary Number i.e. ENCA-7.

ENCA-22, May 2018, Tallinn, Estonia

ENCA-22 was hosted by Keskkonnaamet, the Estonian Environment Board, in Tallinn. The focus was 'Agri-environmental reform for enhancing biodiversity outcomes'.

ENCA-21, October 2017, Dzukija National Park, Lithuania

The 21st plenary meeting was hosted by VSTT, the Lithuanian State Services for Protected Areas. The over-arching theme of the meeting was Protected Area and Natura 2000 Management.

ENCA-20, May 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The 20th ENCA plenary had the over-arching theme 'the integration of nature protection into spatial planning and sectoral policies in Slovenia'. It was hosted by IRSNC in Ljubljana, Switzerland.

ENCA-19, November 2016, Bern, Switzerland

The 19th ENCA plenary focus was 'Large Carnivore management: a shared issue', it further examined ENCA's strategic priorities. It was hosted by FOEN in Bern, Switzerland.

ENCA-18, May 2016, Brussels, Belgium

The 18th ENCA plenary discussed the ENCA Fitness check recommendations with a focus on the topic of financing. It was jointly hosted by JNCC and SNH at Scotland House, Brussels.

ENCA-17, October 2015, Helsinki, Finland

The 17th ENCA plenary was hosted by Metsahallitus in Helsinki, Finland. The 17th ENCA Plenary discussed:

  • The European Commission's health check of the Birds and Habitats Directive, and,
  • how these can be better implemented

ENCA-16, May 2014, Prague, Czech Republic

The 16th ENCA plenary was hosted by the Institute of Nature Conservation of Serbia. Plenary discussed:

  • The European Commission's Fitness check of the Birds and Habitats Directive, and,
  • Renewable Energy and nature conservation

ENCA-15, September 2014, Peterborough, England

The 15th ENCA Plenary discussed landscape scale planning and management for nature conservation. It was hosted by Natural England, ENCA members discussed landscape scale delivery for nature conservation.

ENCA-14, May 2014, Prague, Czech Republic

The 14th ENCA Plenary looked at data gathering, processing and reporting for nature conservation.

ENCA-13, October 2013, Bonn, Germany

The focus for the 13th ENCA Plenary was the integration of infrastructure into landscapes and the application of compensation measures for impacts upon biodiversity, nature and landscape.

ENCA-12 Plenary Meeting, April 2013, Montpellier, France

The 12th ENCA Plenary explored how appropriate governance and financial instruments could make nature conservation work better.

ENCA-11, September 2012, Brussels, Belgium

The 11th ENCA plenary focused on the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services into business.

Past PleNARies: ENCA 1-10

For further information on the programme and content of the ENCA 1-10 plenaries please contact the Secretariat.