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The ENCA Priorities

The ENCA priority work areas known as the ENCA Priorities, are established by the ENCA Strategy 2017-2022. They are;

Protected areas management and habitat restoration.

Implementation of Nature Laws/ Directives

• Habitat Condition and Favourable Conservation Status (FCS)

Mainstreaming Nature Conservation and social issues

Landscape approach, sustainable land use and agricultural policies

• Natural Capital, ecosystem services, Green Infrastructure and Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystem Services (MAES)


Work on the Priorities will be delivered through a range of media. To view the ENCA products visit the ENCA Library. To see a programme of future conference, seminars and webinars visit Events 2018.

ENCA Statements

ENCA Statements are common positions or views on various issues on which the network and/or its members agree. They are statements on common topics of interest which aim to forward debate and contribute to the development of nature conservation in other institutions, in particular, the European Commission. They are published in the name of all participating country agencies which approved on the documents in plenary meetings.

ENCA Conferences, Seminars & Webinars

ENCA events are organised to highlight emergent issues, and, legislative and technical developments relevant to nature conservation and the work of the nature conservation bodies.