Protected areas management and habitat restoratioN

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ENCA activity under this Priority has focused on the protected area management approaches and activities by the ENCA Members.

ProtecTED AREA Management


Protected area management is a core activity of many of the ENCA Members who have the statutory responsibility for managing Natura 2000 or Emerald Network Sites as designated under the Nature Directives and Bern Convention respectively. These sites are complemented by a suite of National designation types.


  • ENCA-21 Lithuania 2017 focused on Protected area management with presentations on approaches to, and, governance of, protected area management. Presentations also covered innovations relating to the definition of Favourable Conservation Status, as defined in the Nature Directives.
  • ENCA-18 Brussels 2016 looked at financing opportunities related to implementation of the Nature Directives, in particular, to support implementation of the Natura 2000 network.

Presentations and papers are available in the Library.

ENCA Outputs

The definition of future activities and outputs under this priority are under discussion as part of the development of the ENCA Action Plan.

ENCA outputs relating to this priority can be downloaded from the Library by searching 'Protected Areas' in the Topic search.

P6 PA_managment_Croatia.pptx

ENCA-21 2017 Presentation

Management of Protected Areas in Croatia

Irina Zupan, CAEN, Croatia

ENCA-21 2017 Presentation

The IUCN Green List Standard

Ana Nieto, IUCN

Ana Nieto, IUCN, presented the IUCN Green List standard. The standard was developed as a global benchmark for effective management and governance quality for protected and conserved areas. Green List status has been awarded to over 20 sites globally.

The LIFE Green list for N2K project launched in 2017 and will run to 2019. This project is looking to adapt the standard for N2K sites, this will include research on the EU legislation, a consultation process, pilot phase at 20 sites, and report the necessary steps for implementation of the Green List in Europe.

IUCN presentation ENCA.pdf