Interest Groups

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Work under the ENCA priorities is delivered by the,

  • Interest Groups, and,
  • Task and finish groups

The group selected to deliver the work is dependent on the scope and time constraints of the proposed action. Membership of the group also varies dependent on the task. The ENCA Troika has a mandate from the ENCA members to direct ENCA work between Plenaries.

Interest Groups

Interest groups (IGs) are formed from experts of ENCA member agencies, often in collaboration with external technical experts. They exist to exchange information and experience of good practice, and to further develop areas that are of interest to more than one agency. They carry out their work through meetings, conferences and workshops, under a mandate agreed by the ENCA Plenary.

Task and Finish Groups

Task and finish groups, the Troika+, can be established by Troika to deliver time-limited pieces of work. Membership can include the Troika, ENCA Members, and, the IG Chairs and Members.

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