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Welcome to the website of 'The European Nature Conservation Agency Heads Network' (ENCA). A network bringing together experience of nature conservation policy and implementation from across Europe and beyond. ENCA was established in 2007. To learn more about the network go to About ENCA.

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ENCA-25 The Hague, Netherlands

11-13 November 2019

The 25th plenary meeting focussed on the post 2020 framework and the direction of nature conservation beyond 2020. The CAP is one of the key elements of that. As regards GMO and green finance, the connection to nature conservation was explained and discussed. In order to streamline monitoring and reporting, goals for the new Interest group have been agreed upon. In order to promote selected topics and position ENCA with the new Commission, we agreed delivering statements on GMO, CAP, the 8th Environmental Action Plan and on the post 2020 framework.

Draft Minutes and Actions



7-9 April 2019

ENCA-24 was hosted by the Environment Agency Austria (EAA). It took place in Vienna, Austria. The main themes of the plenary were the Post-2020 targets and Biodiversity indicators and reporting.

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ECBCC 2017 Conference Proceedings Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change.pdf

“Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change – Challenges, Opportunities and Evidence Gaps”

Proceedings of the European Conference, June 2017, Bonn

The conference in Bonn brought together experts from science, policy and practice to highlight and discuss the importance of biodiversity’s contribution to human health in the face of climate change. In this context health is considered in its physical, psychological and social dimension, including socio-environmental equity.

This joint European conference was hosted by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) in co-operation with the European Network of Heads of Nature Conservation Agencies (ENCA) and the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) / German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle - Jena - Leipzig.


Delivering environmental and biodiversity objectives through the CAP 2021-27: A synthesis of evidence by ENCA

ENCA Members working with the IG SLU have developed a response to the European Commissions Legislative Proposals concerning the Communication Towards the CAP after 2020: The Future of Food and Farming.

The paper comprises a summary and key messages supported by four sections,

  • Introduction
  • The Environmental Challenge - A synthesis of the biodiversity evidence relevant to the CAP
  • Evidence from the CAP 2014-20
  • Reflections on the CAP legislative proposals
ENCA CAP 2021-27- synthesis of evidence 2018.pdf

Click on the links below for further detail on ENCA's work on Landscape approach, sustainable land use and agricultural policies and the IG Sustainable Land Use.

ENCA outputs relating to this priority can be downloaded from the Library by searching 'Sustainable Land Use' and 'Landscape Approach' in the Topic search.


European Nature Conservation Agencies Strategy 2017-2022


Nature in Europe is more resilient and secure, supporting abundant and diverse wildlife and contributing to the health and wellbeing of people.


The ENCA network enhances nature conservation in Europe and neighbouring countries by sharing and deploying its collective knowledge and experience of policy implementation, advice and natural resource management, and by supporting better informed and more coherent policy decisions.

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ENCA-23 Croatia

Post-2020 Biodiversity Strategy

1-2 October 2018

ENCA-23 will be hosted by the Croatian Agency for Environment and Nature (CAEN). It will be held in Zagreb, Croatia on 1-2 October. The over-arching theme of the plenary will be the Post-2020 Biodiversity strategy at the global and European level, with further discussion around its integration into National strategies.

ENCA-22 Estonia May 2018

21-22 May 2018

ENCA-22 was hosted by Keskkonnaamet, the Estonian Environment Board, in Tallinn. The focus was 'Agri-environmental reform for enhancing biodiversity outcomes'. Speakers from DG Environment, the EEA and IUCN, presented alongside ENCA members on latest developments in Agricultural thinking and policy.

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9.ENCA_IPBES_Helm2 for website.pdf

ENCA 22 Presentation SPOTLIGHT

Biodiversity and agriculture: IPBES ECA assessment

Aveliina Helm, University of Tartu, Estonia, presented key messages of the IPBES Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Europe and Central Asia (ECA Assessment).

In particular, how future governance options for biodiversity described by the ECA Assessment could be interpreted, and, integrated into the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

ENCA-21 Lithuania October 2017

23-24 October 2017

The meeting was hosted by VSTT, the Lithuanian State Services for Protected Areas. The over-arching theme of the meeting was Protected Area and Natura 2000 Management. Presentations focused on novel approaches to governance and management of Protected areas from across Europe, with a special emphasis on defining Favourable Conservation Status.

The Programme included presentations from The European Commission, European Environment Agency (EEA) and the IUCN. Read more and access presentations here.

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