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Upcoming Plenaries

15 -16 June 2021

Online meeting, focusing on restauration and transformative change

Autumn 2021

Camargue, Tour du Valat, Nature-based solutions.

Past Plenaries

Virtual meeting, focusing on GMOs (new techniques)

18 -19 November 2020

The CAP reform and post 2020 targets for nature conservation


11-13 November 2019

The 25th plenary meeting focussed on the post 2020 framework and the direction of nature conservation beyond 2020. The CAP is one of the key elements of that.

As regards GMO and green finance, the connection to nature conservation was explained and discussed. In order to streamline monitoring and reporting, goals for the new Interest group have been agreed upon. In order to promote selected topics and position ENCA with the new Commission, we agreed delivering statements on GMO, CAP, the 8th Environmental Action Plan and on the post 2020 framework.

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ENCA-24 Austria

Post-2020 Targets & Biodiversity Indicators

7-9 April 2019

During 2 days (Vienna, 8 - 9 April) the representatives of 16 ENCA members discussed current nature conservation issues such as the post-2020 process of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity CBD, biodiversity indicators, monitoring and reporting, GMOs, climate change and biodiversity, sustainable land use, as well as the mainstreaming of biodiversity and nature conservation agendas into other sectors. Communication and awareness raising were perceived as key issues for the future.

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ENCA-23 Croatia

Post-2020 Biodiversity Strategy

1-2 October 2018

ENCA-23 was hosted by the Croatian Agency for Environment and Nature (CAEN). It was held in Zagreb, Croatia 1-2 October. The over-arching theme of the plenary was the Post-2020 Biodiversity strategy at the global and European level, with discussion around its integration into National strategies.

ENCA-22 Estonia

Agri-environmental reform for enhancing biodiversity outcomes

21-22 May 2018

ENCA-22 was hosted in Estonia by Keskkonnaamet, the Estonian Environment Board. It took place in Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia.

The over-arching theme of the plenary was 'Agri-environmental reform for enhancing biodiversity outcomes.' It had presentations on Country approaches to implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), future reforms and new methods for implementation.

Presentations were given on:

  • Agri-environmental reform for enhancing biodiversity: National experiences

  • CAP: Context and ENCA response

  • CAP re-design: Solutions

  • Mainstreaming biodiversity into agriculture: New methods

The programme and key presentations will be available in the Library.

ENCA 22 Final Programme.pdf

ENCA-21 Lithuania


23-24 October 2017

ENCA-21 was hosted in Lithuania by VSTT, the State Service for Protected Areas. It took place in the Dzukija National Park.

The over-arching theme of the meeting was Protected Area and Natura 2000 Management. Presentations will focus on novel approaches to governance and management of Protected areas from across Europe, with a special emphasis on defining Favourable Conservation Status.

The meeting included presentations on:

  • Protected Area Management and Governance in Europe

  • The Assessment of Favourable Conservation Status

  • The IUCN Green List

  • The Commission Action Plan for Nature, People and the economy

These, and all the other presentations are available in the Library

ENCA 21 Draft programme VSTT_V4.pdf

ENCA-20 Slovenia

Integration of nature protection into spatial planning and sectoral policies in Slovenia

21-23 May 2017

ENCA-20 was hosted in Ljubljana, Slovenia, by IRSNC, the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation.

The over-arching theme of the meeting was the integration of nature protection into spatial planning and sectoral policies in Slovenia. There was a focus on integration of nature conservation principals in land use, forestry, and the energy and water sectors. Further, we will mark the International Day for Biological Diversity, the Natura 2000 Day, and the 25th Anniversary of the Habitats Directive. The meeting included a field excursion to the “Pearls of Nature” close to Ljubljana, Lake Cerkniško jezero and the Rakov Škocjan valley.

The programme and key presentations can be found in the Library.